About Joseph Eldredge

I’ve been involved in the wood care business since the early 1980’s. My company, Conscientious Wood Care was started because there was a tremendous amount of furniture in the Rocky Mountain Region that needed touch-up and refurbishing.

When I started refurbishing furniture, I didn’t find any products that gave me the results that I wanted. As I searched for products, I contacted numerous wood care companies and antique dealers in different cities. I found that the majority of these people were also dissatisfied with the available products. Furniture Representatives were not recommending polishes to their customers and some antique dealers were using homemade products.

I began to formulate a product that contained natural oils and a cleaner. I wanted a product that would actually clean, moisturize and help protect the finishes of new/old furniture, antiques, paneling, etc.

With the help of chemists, lacquer manufacturers, natural oil manufacturers, furniture finishers etc., I continued the process of formulating and testing.

When I reached the formula that gave me the results I was looking for, I began using it on our customer’s furniture. Our customers liked what it did for their furniture and wanted to purchase some for their own use. Thus: The inception of Rocky Mountain Lustre Furniture Cleaner & Revitalizing Polish.

What is unique and different about Rocky Mountain Lustre is that it is a one-step process and only needs to be used about once every 6 months which saves time and money! You can clean & polish your wood all in one step. Surface scratches stay covered! It is easy to use. All you need to do is wipe it on and then wipe off any excess polish. As you wipe off the excess polish you are also wiping off dirt and grease. The wood will not feel oily or greasy or lose its luster.

Rocky Mountain Lustre is manufactured and bottled in Colorado.